Coonans Reserve, Flowerdale



Situated at the junction of the Broadford-Flowerdale Road and the Upper King Parrot King Road in Flowerdale, Coonans Reserve is a 6 hectare parcel of Crown Land on the King Parrot Creek under the control of DEPI.

In 2005 the Strath Creek Landcare Group (SCLG) approached DSE/DEPI with a view to become a Committee of Management. That did not proceed, but  the SCLG adopted the reserve as a challenging project and has since held many working bees to remove blackberry and thistles, plant seedlings, maintain tracks and mow picnic areas. The area is still undoubtably ‘weedy’ but the native vegetation is taking hold again now the blackberries have been reduced.

Coonans Br Res 2Not as manicured at the Moores Road Reserve, Coonans Reserve provides a unique patch of stream-side vegetation in the district containing soaring Manna Gums and Candlebarks and a range of riparian shrubs. These provide habitat for a wide range of fauna including Azure Kingfishers, Sugar Gliders and Pobblebonks. Coonans Reserve is one of the district ‘hot-spots’ for spotlight walks.

Spanning both sides of the creek, the picnic area can be accessed from Upper King Parrot Creek Road (at the SCLG sign). Camping is not permitted and no facilities are provided. If visiting, please be sure to take any rubbish with you when you leave.

1 Response to Coonans Reserve, Flowerdale

  1. billy price says:

    i think that historically people have camped there and should be allowed to if they do the right thing
    billy price,,historically people have camped on the king parrot creek not so many years ago their were hundreds of people from melbourne doing this //as people didnt travel spo far alot tin those days …we used to camp at the bridge at the other end of the road and i think peoples freedoms and the history of it should be recognised..I used to brung 3 0r 4 kids up to camp on the kingoparot //i couldnt afford to venture much farther and im sure their are still people in this situation who should be allowed to camp along the creek as they have done for a lot of years


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