Cleanup Australia Day

Cleanup Aust Day 7 March 2010

What a load of rubbish!

The stretch of the Flowerdale-Broadford Road from Coonans Reserve to the township of Strath Creek and up to the top of Murchison Gap has to be the cleanest in Australia. Every year on Clean Up Australia Day, members of the Strath Creek Landcare Group divide into groups and scour this roadside and other roadways for rubbish and litter left by passing motorists.

Relaxing at the store after the clean-up

Relaxing at the store after the clean-up

In the first few years trailer loads of rubbish were collected, including some weird and wonderful objects. More recently this day has been a pleasant walk and a chat along the roadside picking up the occasional piece of litter.

The day culminates with morning tea or coffee at the Strath Creek Store.

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