Valley of 1000 trees in the Valley of 1000 Hills

Part of the combined planting

Last week one of the hidden valleys at the back of Terry and Janet’s ‘Three Sisters’ property became the valley of a thousand trees. Earlier in the week the ANZ as part of a corporate planting program put 370 trees in the ground. Last Sunday the Strath Creek Landcare Group planted another 650  trees. A veritable forest in a week.

On a brilliantly sunny day the Sunday event was over in no time with over 30 volunteers including kids and dogs knocking over the task well before lunch. As per SCLG tradition the event culminated in a fabulous lunch with fabulous company.

And the secret to our success – pretend the Hamilton Planter is a pogo stick and get the kids (and some adults) to see how many jumps (and planting holes) can be made without stopping.

Apparently the answer is 5.

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