National Guard Day proclaimed

Every day there seems to be a National Day proclaimed – Nat Tree Day, Nat Bat Day, etc. I’d like to propose that last Sunday be proclaimed National Guard Day – not a celebration of border control or civil defense – but a reasonable explanation of why I should be standing in the middle of a foggy paddock on a Sunday morning with the temperature hovering at about 2C. To pick up tree guards, of course!


Last year on National Tree Day (July 26) our group planted 850 trees and shrubs on Jeanette Williams’ property in Strath Creek and in doing so completed an 8 month fencing project along the King Parrot Creek AND at the same time added the final link in the wildlife corridor between Mt Disappointment and the King Parrot Creek. Last Sunday (now dubbed National Guard Day) a slightly smaller (and colder) group gathered to collect the tree guards so that we can repeat the process on National Tree Day this year (July 31).

DSCN0412-001After 12 months it was amazing to see some of the acacias standing at over 2 metres tall. Personally the sight of healthy robust banksias was gratifying. These are trees which once populated the landscape in large numbers but are now few and far between. Of course the real reason we were out there was to earn our spot at a sunny lunch table provided at Rosemary and David’s. Good food, good wine, good company.

For those interested in attending our next event, pencil 31 July into your dairies. Invitations will be sent out soon.

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