Nice day for a walk


After failing to clean up the YCDC Landcare Group cricket team on the real Clean Up Australia Day several weeks ago, the Streekers did a much better job of cleaning up the highways and byways around Strath Creek today, our own Clean Up Australia Day. And the weather was at its autumn best.

IMG_0271In among the 3 cubic metres of rubbish collected, as per usual, there were some treasures. These included the identification cards of several people (which we will hand into the nearest police station), cartoon action figurines, unopened cans of beer and a bong (Terry was the only one to recognise it for what it was). Bruce scored big, firstly finding 2 metres of agi-pipe which is destined for use on Callandoon (gratis). He then went on to find an unopened bottle of Penfolds wine (sans label) which he insisted was Grange Hermitage.


After separating the recyclables from the rest of the trash into the bins supplied by the Murrindindi Shire (above) we all met up at the Strath Creek Hall where Terry and Janet provided the ’real’ coffee and Susan and Ursula King had prepared a wonderful spread of edible goodies. Bruce and Terry discovered the found wine, though perfectly drinkable was probably not Grange (left).


IMG_2365Thanks to Susan for again organising the event. All in all a nice day for a walk… but you have to wonder why we have to do it every year.


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2 Responses to Nice day for a walk

  1. Susan says:

    Also a big thank you to Jim Osborne for organising the teams and to Sarah King for helping her mum, Ursula, with the morning tea. Lots of chatter over real coffee and scones! Wonderful walk!


  2. Michael Auty says:

    Well done, to all involved. Terrific effort, showing the fantastic community spirit that exists in the valley. It’s always a great feeling to know you’re doing your bit, and rightfully unfortunate that every year we have to go out there and do it again. Completing the same event at my small community school in Richmond results in not quite a skip full, but it comes around faster every year [for us a monthly clean – as we are close by the farmers market in Gleadell St].
    Hope the red was worth the glass!
    Michael Auty


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